Just a Couple of Guys Trying to Make Money 

Thats how every thing started. Just me and another guy that I knew with some money, and we wanted to use it to make even more money. My friend came up with the idea of a shoe store in St. Louis. This sounded like a great idea to me. However, I don't live in St. Louis, so I came up with the idea of an extension online which would rake in even more money. He agreed to the idea, so here we are today with a successful business on our hands.
        Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been a walk in the park. We've had people who've tried to hate on us, but we made it through every hurtle so far. We started out as a small business with only a couple of shoes, but now we have all different kinds of shoes for every occasion. Now go to our "Kicks" section and check out our products.